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    Phil Heiselmann

    In late 2011, Phil founded Sustainable Food Law specifically to provide legal support to “conscious” food businesses, e.g., farmers and food entrepreneurs who intend to operate in a way that benefits the community, the workers, and the environment.  Since then, he has expanded his practice so as to help as many good, "conscious" people as he can.

    Originally, Phil intended to practice integrative medicine, and he pursued an undergraduate degree in cell & molecular biology and a master’s degree in nutrition as a foundation to that end.  However, when he began to study issues related to genetically engineered foods, he experienced an epiphany: legal advocacy, rather than patient care, would be his avenue toward promoting health through access to safe, nutritious food.

    Phil holds a B.A. in history and a B.S. in cell & molecular biology from the University of Washington, as well as a M.S. in nutrition from Bastyr University.  From 2007-2010, Phil attended the University of Washington School of Law, where he enjoyed participating in moot court & mock trial activities, representing clients in the Unemployment Compensation Clinic, and deepening his understanding of food law issues--both through a summer law clerk position with the Center for Food Safety, and through his own research and writing.

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    Dear Friends

    The Law Office of Phil Heiselmann & Sustainable Food Law provides affordable legal services for individuals and food businesses.  Maybe you have an issue that is not at all related to food or a food business.  That's okay!  I am happy to help.  Even if it is not one of my listed "Practice Areas," let's see if I can be of assistance.  I offer flat rates/package deals and a competitive hourly rate (as low as $25/hour for selected clients).  Please visit my "Contact" page to inquire about my rates concerning your particular legal issues.

    Please know that I am always willing to negotiate fees, and I do accept partial payment in food!

    Site News

    [2013-05-02] Law Office of Phil Heiselmann & Sustainable Food Law is now open for business in San Francisco!

    [2012-11-08] Phil provided pro bono consultation to small/start-up food enterprises through SELC's "Legal Eats" clinic at the East Bay Community Law Center.

    [2012-08-09] Phil contributed the main content, and began his stint as curator, for the Food, Agriculture, and Health Regulations section of SELC's Urban Agriculture Legal Resource Library:

    [2012-01-24] Phil and Janelle Orsi successfully presented arguments to the Oakland Planning Commission to greatly reduce and/or eliminate certain regulatory requirements and costs associated with a Conditional Use Permit for Oakland urban agriculture pioneer Novella Carpenter's Ghost Town Farm:

    [2011-11-08] Phil provided pro bono consultation to small/start-up food enterprises through SELC's "Legal Eats" clinic at the East Bay Community Law Center.


    Phil gave a presentation on the legal history of genetically engineered crops, as part of a panel discussion with Rebecca Spector of the Center for Food Safety and Daniel Ravicher of the Public Patent Foundation at the Biosafety Alliance's "Justice Begins with Seeds" conference:



    Sustainable Food Law Launched!